Fall 2022:

After going to only a few sessions with Mrs. Sheila, I saw my SAT score improve more than it ever has. I told her my goal score before we began prepping for the SAT, and we were able to work together to formulate a practice schedule that fit best for my goals! We got so much review done in such a short amount of time, and it was extremely beneficial in the end as my score increased 100 points compared to my last test score. 
I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Mrs. Sheila as well, and also appreciated how she prayed over me the day before my exam. I loved the way she implemented God into my sessions. I am definitely going to recommend her to my classmates!
Madison Bowling
Lakeside High School – (senior, class of 2023)

Fall 2022:

I took Mrs. Shelia’s Fall of 2022 SAT Prep class and received a 1480 on the October exam (increase of 100 points from prior psat score). The strategies discussed (taught)  along with in class reviewing of math questions helped!  I have not yet decided on which college to attend, but this score leaves a lot of options open!

– Chance Ruiz, Augusta Preparatory High School junior (class 2024)

Spring 2022:

“My name is Christian Beard and I attended Mrs. Sheila’s SAT Prep Class.
My SAT score increased by 190 points  with the help of the strategies she taught me.”

– Christian Beard, Lakeside High School senior (class 2023)

Summer 2022:

“Graduated high school back in 2019 and decided it was time to get into college 3 years later. This course was a great refresher and helped me get back into the swing of things and ready for the SAT. I ended up getting a higher score than needed and got accepted at AU.”

– David Rivera, Grovetown High School 2019

Summer 2022:

” Hi Mrs Bailey! This is Danielle Suykerbuyk.  I wanted to say thank you for the test prep classes.

Seth (a senior at Augusta Preparatory Day School) just got his ACT score back. he increased his sore by 5 points!

Spring 2022:

From the parent of a rising senior @ GTHS who took the Spring 2022 SAT Prep class:

“Just want to give you an update.  My daughter  took the June test and scored a 1420.  She wanted to get in the 1400, so I want to say thank you for your help.”

(her high score prior to the class was 1280)

Spring 2022:

Hey I just got a 1490 on the SAT!   This was after taking the SAT Prep class.

My first Sat before the class was a 1270.

And I also got a 790 on the math section. Thank you!

Bryce Little , home school rising senior

Before taking any sat prep classes I tried looking into hacks and tips for preparing for the test. None of them helped me much and by my second attempt at the sat my score went down from a 1010 to a 960. After learning from Mrs. Shelia and recognizing the virtue of practice and integrity, I scored a 1130 on my recent test. I’m not done yet as I wish to have a 1300, but I could not have improved so much without her help. Thank you so much ❤
Ava Grier
AR Johnson junior
class of 2023
Thank you so much again for teaching us SAT and for the gift you gave us. Your class helped us so much and we both would not have gotten good grades without you and your tips.
Thank you again!
-Abigail and Sarah Mongillo (homeschool )

Scores increases:
Abigail – 120 points
Sarah –  110 points

Fall 2021:

From Father of  Patrick Green II, Aquinas, Junior,

Hello Ms. Stewart, This is Patrick Green. Our son Patrick had a 140 increase in his SAT score. Thanks for your guidance in the process. It’s greatly appreciated.

From Meghan Barnett a home school senior :

Through practice tests and her teaching, Mrs. Shelia’s SAT prep class helped me to go from a 1240 in the PSAT to a 1450 in the SAT! Now I qualify for the Hope scholarship and the Zell Miller scholarship, and I have high enough scores to get into the colleges I have been considering! As this was one of my last chances to take the SAT since I am a senior, I am so thankful to Mrs. Shelia for her wonderful class, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get their scores up on the test!

Summer 2021: 

From  Lucas Yeh, rising senior at Aiken High school:

“Ms. Stewart gave very personalized review and formed a detailed and useful practice timeline that catered to my weaknesses and didn’t waste my time or mental energy on working on my strengths which wouldn’t have a significant impact on my score:

Spring 2021:

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I JUST GOT ACCEPTED INTO MY 1ST CHOICE COLLEGE!!!!!! I remember you telling us to tell you so you can record it for your business. Thanks for all your help on getting me there – Randale  Pete  @ University of SC

Thank you! Math scores improved and Jofranstar (Evans High football star)  will head to West Point in July!!

Fall 2020:

From Hailey Jordan, sophomore &  Augusta Christian School:

Mrs. Sheila’s sessions definitely helped me! After taking the ACT my sophomore year, I realized I needed help with the math and science sections. Well, Mrs. Sheila’s strategies and her confidence in me bumped my composite up from a 31 to a 34, all because of the math and science sections. Now, as a junior, I don’t need to worry about testing, I already have a really good score to give colleges, test optional or not.

From Angela Shaver  a senior at Augusta Prep who plans to attend Georgia Tech:

“Good Afternoon. I  took your class  then did private tutoring over the summer  with you for the SAT and I wanted to thank you so much for all of your time and effort and suggestions for taking the test.  My score was 1410, and before it was 1240. (170 point increase!!!)

After just a couple sessions with Mr. Jordan’s two daughters, I received this email as to how they improved on the ACT exam.  We worked on Math and Science only:

Hey Shelia,

Just wanted to let you know, the girls got their ACT Scores.
Angel – Composite 32: Math 27 (was 25) Science 29 (was 27), English 35, Reading 35
Hailey – Composite 34: Math 31(was 25), Science 34 (was 29), English 34, Reading 36.
Thanks so much for your guidance and help with the girls!

Fall 2019:

I took this SAT prep class, did my practice tests and watched my score rise 100 points. This class provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to help you push through the task of testing! I am so thankful and highly recommend this SAT prep course.
  -Lexi Brown, a Junior at Aquinas High

Fall 2019:

“I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your prep class. My daughter Gabby truly enjoyed it and spoke highly about you and the class.  She took the SAT for the first time this October (after taking your class) and her score improved by 300 points!!!(over her psat score, and 170 from her first practice homework test at the beginning of the class). That’s pretty incredible and just cemented the fact that your prep class is a DEFINITE PLUS! I highly recommend it to everyone planning to take the SAT exam!  Thanks again and best wishes” – Rina Branch,  mother of Gabrielle Branch, Lakeside, class of 2021 (SAT score was 1400)

“My math score went up 80 points! I go to Lakeside High school and I hope to go to college at Georgia Southern University. Your class helped me get one step closer to my goal, Thank you!” – Janel Antoine, Lakeside High School, class of 2020

Summer 2019:

After only 2 sessions of one on one coaching for the English section of the ACT, I received this update:

Hi Shelia… I wanted to thank you, and let you know that my son Jayson scored enough to gain acceptance to his school, Savannah State. He needed 1 point increase in ACT English, however he got 3.

We thank you!!!!

Denetria Neely

Summer 2019:

“I took Mrs. Shelia’s SAT Cram Course, at the end of May, and my score went up 110 points! I could not have done it without her help! She pushed us really hard, and it was a tough week, but I can honestly say that it was totally worth it to increase my score! I will be a senior at Greenbrier High School, this fall, and I am hoping to attend the University of Georgia, next year.”

-Caroline Dixon

“I attend Greenbrier High school, and want to attend the University of Georgia. After taking Mrs. Shelia’s class, my score improved 120 points. She is a great instructor that cares for the students learning greatly and always helps them in any way she can.”

-Andres Martinez, senior at Greenbrier High


Dear Shelia, I wanted to thank you for help with Alex in his preparation for the ACT. The private tutoring really helped and your knowledge of the test was very helpful. He scored a 35 and will attend GT in the fall.  You also helped my older son with a group class and private tutoring several summers ago. He improved his SAT scores by over 100 points after working with you.  He was recently admitted to the Terry Business School at UGA this semester. Now it is time for son number 3!! Thanks looking forward to working with you again! Caroline Matthews

Summer 2018:

CONGRATS!!!!! to Lawson Sheppard.
Lawson took my SAT PREP class summer 2018, and a few one on one sessions in the fall.
He attained a total score increase of 170 points, admission to Georgia Tech, and named STAR student – student with the highest SAT score – for Warren county!!
What a joy and great reward to see such wonderful results!!

(to see Lawson’s review, score back a couple)

Fall 2018 ACT prep:

“When I first decided to take the ACT, I felt that I was underprepared after using all of the study materials available to me and felt confused on several subjects; despite this, I managed to score a 28 with a severe lacking in the English department. After deciding to take the test again my family helped me seek out a private tutor. After contacting Mrs.Stewart and scheduling several appointments, I was given a practice guide of the ACT to complete beforehand. In each of my lessons with Mrs.Stewart following this, I was never short on practice materials or guidance. With her help, I was able to make sense of long forgotten math formulas, confusing grammar rules, and learn how to analyze the what had once been confusing language used in the questions. With her help I was able to score a 35 on my ACT and help kickstart my college application process. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Christopher Drenthe is a Jr at Greenbrier High School who plans to attend GA TECH and major in Computer Engineering/Cyber security.
chris drenthe_35act

Summer 2018 SAT Prep:

My name is Lawson Sheppard and I am currently a senior at Briarwood Academy in Warrenton, Georgia. Before Mrs. Shelia helped me with the SAT, I had taken the test twice and received a 1220 and a 1240. After her help, my score increased to a 1330 which is a 110 point increase from my first score. Mrs. Shelia was very flexible with my busy high school schedule and allowed me to meet with her at whatever time was most convenient for me. In addition to her flexibility, she is also caring and knowledgeable about what she does. Mrs. Shelia always prayed over my SAT class after our sessions and made sure each of us knew what credentials were needed in order for us to have a greater chance at getting accepted to our dream colleges. I do not have one particular college I plan to attend, but am strongly considering Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks to Mrs. Shelia I am now much more confident in embarking on the college application process. I highly recommend her program!
-Lawson Sheppard

Summer 2018 ACT Prep:

Hi, Ms. Shelia. I just got my ACT results back this afternoon and I’m very happy with my scores. Your class was truly beneficial for me, and I’m very grateful for the help.

Composite score: 33

Reading: 34


Mathematics: 28

Science: 33

Thank you again for all of your help and God bless.

Lauren Brill

Spring 2018 (one on one coaching):

Name: Noah R.
School: Lakeside High
College preference: Georgia/GA Tech
SAT score increase: 100 (1370 to 1470)

I had 7-8 sessions over the course of 3 months and I am very happy with my new score. Thank you so much for helping me.

Fall 2018:

Having taken Mrs. Shelia’s SAT prep class twice, I saw a dramatic increase in my score from a 1070 on the PSAT in ninth grade to a 1520 on the SAT in eleventh grade. This class not only reviewed an assortment of information that had a high probability of showing up on the exam, but also provided me with several strategies that could be used to save time, ensure correctness, and increase my score. I am incredibly satisfied with the instruction of Mrs. Sheila, and I would undoubtedly recommend her standardized test-prep classes to all high school students looking to increase their scores.
-Bailey Kolowski, Aquinas High School senior 2019, hoping to attend Columbia University or NYU

Summer 2017:

Hey, this is Grayson Lott.  I took your SAT Prep class over the summer and just got my scores.  (previously, I got an 1180 on the PSAT).

My score after your class is 1340, Thank you so much for the help!!

I go to North Augusta High School and I want to go to The Citadel.

Summer 2017:

I know it’s been a while, but I want to thank you so much for your SAT prep class! I made a 1320 on my last SAT, a 180 point improvement from my previous score! Your helpful strategies and motivation definitely pushed me toward a better score. I hope to attend GA Tech next year, so this improvement puts me one step closer to reaching this goal!
Kelly Carter, Davidson Fine Arts, Augusta, GA

Summer 2017:

Mrs. Stewart,
Thank you for helping me to achieve my goal of bringing my Math SAT score up.  On my first test I scored a 730 in Math, but I was disappointed that I did not answer all the questions and felt that I could do better.  The four personal coaching sessions with you made all the difference.  Today I received my scores and made an 800 on the Math section!  I am so happy to have brought it up 70 points, far beyond my expectations.  THANK YOU so much!  I would highly recommend your class and personal coaching to anyone who is looking to improve their scores.
Ciara Pysczynski
Greenbrier High School
Class of 2018
“I loved Ms. Sheila’s one week SAT class so much. It was a lot of work with the practice tests, but it was by far worth it, as my score jumped 100 points from my first practice test to my final SAT score of 1470!!
I would highly recommend this class and this engaging and fun teacher to anyone.”
-Kemper Higgins, 2019, St. Pius X Catholic High School, Atlanta, GA

Good evening Mrs Sheila,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful class.   It was hard work but it definitely paid off. My SAT went from an 1190 to now a 1310. Thank you for everything you taught me. Your strategies and methods are really good. They definitely make the test less stressful when you eliminate the wrong answers. I would like thank you once again and I will definitely refer you to my friends. Have a great evening and a wonderful rest of your summer.

Jaylen Parker

Spring 2017 SAT Prep @ACS:

Hey Everyone! I am Amber Dunagan. I am a junior at Lakeside High School and previously took a phenomenal SAT class with Mrs. Shelia at Augusta Christian. She provides literature strategies, math examples, and religious motivation with every class. Before beginning this class I took the SAT completely blind and scored a 1070. After all the amazing help, I finished the class scoring a 1470 on my Sat in March. Mrs Shelia is an outstanding teacher. She knows the sat like the back of her hand. I plan on attending either Georgia Institute of Technology or The University of Georgia! I wish y’all luck!

FAll 2016 SAT Prep @ACS:

Hey Mrs. Shelia!
Thank you so much for the SAT Prep class! My score from my PSAT to my first SAT was a dramatic increase! I went from a 1210 to a 1380 in about six weeks thanks to your instruction! I highly recommend this class to all my friends and to anyone who would like to improve their scores on the SAT or ACT. I look forward to taking the SAT again and improving even more using the skills I learned in your class. Thank you again!

Stephanie Hayes, Jr at Aquinas High School

Fall 2016 SAT Prep Class, Evans:

hey!! i went up 200 points!

Hey Shelia,
> Just wanted to share with you that ****** increased his math score by 100 points!!….. hopefully, enough to get into UGA Thank you so much for providing this fantastic service for our area. Hopefully, you will still be holding this class when it is time for my other 2 kiddos.
> Take care and again I am so thankful for all that you did!

Fall 2016 SAT Prep Class, Grovetown High School:

_____ scored 1440.  760 Verbal, 680 Math.  She hopes to retake and do better in the math in December.   I am pleased, as she scored more than 100 point higher than her brother, who did not attend a prep class!!

Summer 2016 SAT Prep class:
After taking the class, I saw my scores increase drastically! Both my math and reading scores increased by 60 points, leaving me with a 1450. I was honestly shocked that I could do this well, and the class I took in June was a large part of that! The tips for the reading section helped me to focus more while taking the test, and the numerous practice tests let me see the types of questions I could expect. I gladly recommend Mrs. Stewart’s instruction to anyone looking for a fantastic resource to help them increase their scores on the SAT!=
– Parker Wiley, August Christian School class of 2017

I highly recommend Mrs. Shelia. I went to her struggling in all subjects of the ACT. She was able to help me improve my score tremendously in each subject. She was very thorough in her explanations and taught on a level that I could easily understand. She not only taught me the problems I didn’t understand but also the strategies and tricks to better understand the questions and answers. Mrs. Sheila helped me raise my score from a 17 to a 25! Without her I wouldn’t be attending the college I’m at today. The best part about her is that she even offered to pray with me at the end of my final tutoring session before my test. Mrs. Sheila truly cares about her students and she makes that very clear through her work.

-Brey Dansby, Georgia Southern

Some Fall 2016 ACT (one on one) student score improvements:

Student #1 – from SAT 1390 (=ACT 19) to ACT 22

Student #2 – from ACT 17 to ACT 25 (this is an exceptional increase!)

Student #3 – from ACT 20 to ACT 26 (playing soccer for GA Southern)

Student #4 – from ACT 24 to ACT 30

(3/4 scholarship & going to participate in gymnastics at Univ of Alabama)

Student #5 – from SAT 1410(=ACT 10) to ACT 24

Some results from the June 2015 one week, 20 hour course:

it went well.  she made 600 on Critical reading and 580 math, writing 500.  she said she went up 290 points. WOW! 


#####’s score went from 1890 to 2100!!  We are so pleased!!!
Reading 680 to 780
Math 610 to 690
Writing 600 to 630.
Thank you so much Shelia!!!!


______ received an 1890 on his SAT. The breakdown is Reading 650, Math 610, Writing 630. All 3 areas were new highs. He had an increase of 20 points in reading, 80 points in Math, and 70 points in Writing over his previous high scores for a 170 point total increase.


From a private tutoring student’s mom:

I just checked:  her SAT score went from 1820 to 2100 — a 280 point increase (after 10 sessions of one on one)

Spring 2015:

I gave Krista your contact info. Hope you are enjoying your summer. (my daughter)  improved her sat score by 150 points after your class.:)

From a summer 2013 class parent:

“Caleb increased his score by 330 points. Your class is awesome!! His essay score went up also. I highly recommend your SAT Prep class to every student who plans to take the SAT. Thanks so much for your help!!!”

“I heartily enjoyed the math reviews, and learned some new ways to take tests.  It has even helped with normal school.  The essay help was wonderful”.

“My SAT scores have really improved and I feel so much more confident about taking it!

A motivational teacher worked out problems we didn’t know!”

“The class has improved my grades on practice SAT tests drastically!  I also enjoyed Mrs. Shelia’s fun personality and comical sense of humor.  The videos are actually quite entertaining, and you frequently are finding yourself laughing.  TAKE THIS CLASS and find out why!! “– Kelcee Holt

“Thanks to SAT class my writing and essay scores are so much higher”!

“My math and writing scores went up a lot by taking this class.  It really helped me understand how the SAT works”.

“This class helped to improve my math solving abilities and increased my critical reading score”

-The class was very helpful and I enjoyed it. I think it really prepared me for the SATs and I think I’ve shown a lot of improvement. It was worth my time and I was glad I took it!